Censorship is the prohibition of something that someone thinks you should not hear, see, read, or observe. In a way censorship can be good but only in a way that children are not exposed to things or shows that could harm their growing minds or their mental attitude. Some things can really damage children if they are exposed to it at a young enough age. I also agree that censoring people being murdered is a good thing to do because if someone saw that visual it may haunt them for the rest of their life. So censorship is not always bad but it is not always a good thing either. People deserve to know the truth and not be lied to by their own government. A government is supposed to represent the people of their country as a whole, but how are you supposed to represent people that you have been blinding for their entire life? Things such as news should not be censored, the news gives out important information and censoring it just gives everyone that hears or sees it false facts. I believe we need to stop censoring things to try and “control order” and let the people hear the real facts and the real truth about everything. Leave censoring for the kids whose young minds would be traumatized by things such as this but do not censor the people who work and pay bills, they deserve to know everything.