Anonymity means someone or something is anonymous. People all over the world want to be anonymous when writing on the internet. There are many reasons people to decide to hide who they are. Being anonymous on the internet has been a key role for people who are hiding behind politics. As people hide anonymously for political reasons they also do it for criminal reasons as well. Many criminals hide behind the internet especially ones who use the internet to hack people. These hackers range from hacking into bank accounts and social media accounts to either acquire money or information on someone or something. These hackers hide anonymously throughout the internet world. Not only hackers hide behind the internet though. Online predators tend to hide anonymously and pretend to be someone their not. There has been many cases of online predators pretending to be children and that is a scary thought as they could come in contact with a child you know. Being anonymous online is not always bad as you can use it to state your opinion without being backlashed at, but there are many ways that anonymity is used for criminal activities and to realize that is a scary feeling.