Intellectual property is very important. It shows ownership over something and who deserves what. Intellectual property helps from others work from being stolen or used without permission or compensation. I found Google’s trademarks keyword case very interesting. I believe that google should not have the right to use keywords of trademarks to pull up other company’s results. Even though it is legal I feel as if it wrong and not fair for the trademark that it is using. On another note I feel as if it also a good thing because it helps googles search engine expand. Without the results popping up multiple things, google would not be used as much because it would only lead to about one or two results. Intellectual property in other things such as music being used in videos and movies are a completely different topic though. Singers and song writers who are making songs get compensated when there music is sold through iTunes, on cd’s, or used in movies that pay to get the music used in the certain movie or video. People have been using music without compensating the artist and or song writer which hurts the artist and could eventually lead to the singer/song writer losing so much money where they wont be able to make the music we all enjoy anymore. Intellectual property is a great thing we get to claim.