Intellectual property is something that has been a big issue in today’s world. It has been a topic in the making of movies and a big topic in law. Movies have been accused of stealing someone else’s intellectual property before by not asking for permission or not being granted permission of someone’s work in which they have used anyways. If someone was to use something that was granted as public domain then it is alright because public domain is for anyone. Public domain only works if the owner of the property grants it as public domain though. Just because something is on the internet does not make it public domain. That is a common misconception that many people fall victim too and get caught with copyrighting. Another misconception is believing that if you give credit than it is not stealing someone’s work and in that they believe that they do not need permission. That is also false. When you use someone else’s work, picture, or really anything of theirs, you need their permission unless they had already granted it as public domain. Even when they give you permission you still should give them credit as it is their work and not your very own.