Cyber crimes are a huge thing in this day and age we live in. The world revolves around the internet now. An example being that I take some of my college classes online. Twenty years ago no one would have understood classes online, it was unheard of. Now with a technological era in play we revolve our life around the internet with internet banking and shopping. These two things alone make it very easy to get burglarized without even knowing it right away. Phishing is one trick on how these thieves are stealing from you. They may send you an email that looks legit enough that you would fall for the scheme that it traps you into doing. They use things such as your banking or where you shop and fake emails or websites that look real enough to make you think it is the real website or an email from the real bank or online shopping center you buy from. They then trap you into clicking into a link that they can get your personal info from. They can hack your computer by doing this or even have you be so negligible to type in your credit card or even your social security number. Always be careful on what you are doing online.