Cyber crime is growing throughout the world, not just America. A lot of crimes happen to Americans but from other countries around the world. If you never fall victim to a cyber crime or at least you haven’t yet, you may never think of this as being a real threat or a big deal. It is in fact both. Cyber crime is real and people are messed with everyday whether it be bullying, theft, impersonation, or even harassment. It is scary to think someone could take control of your accounts or computer but it can happen, that is why you should be very protective and secure about your information. The F.B.I has cracked down on many people who have used the internet to steal and scam people out of money. Another agency is Interpol. Interpol is an agency who gathers intelligence from a bigger aspect of things because they are transcontinental rather than just between the U.S borders. They have been known to link up with other agencies and help gather intelligence to catch these criminals that go beyond our U.S. borders. Cyber crime knows no borders whether that means virtual borders or actual borders between countries. Everyone be safe and protect yourself from cyber attacks.