Many people are familiar with communication tools such as phones and social media. The internet provides many communication tools such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and skype. Facebook is one of the best in my opinion. I check Facebook everyday and get to see what my family and friends are up to and also get to contact them through Facebook whether it means commenting on something or even messaging them. I love skype as well because it lets people see each other over a video call using a computer or a phone that are connected to the internet. Skype is very useful and my nana actually uses it quite often to talk and see her brother who lives in a different country. Internet communication is always updating and finding new ways to reinvent communication. I was actually just watching a video about Facebook Spaces where they have a virtual world using virtual reality headsets and you can talk and hangout with people using virtual reality. I find this kind of cool but also kind of hurting the way people communicate because using this much communication over the internet can hurt people’s communication skills in person. The way the internet communication tools are updating other companies have to stay up to date with reinventing their own communication skills because websites and companies can fall off kind of like Myspace did. I used to use Myspace all the time when I was younger but now it is irrelevant. Internet communication has to keep up the competition between each other to stay relevant and while this is pretty awesome it can also hurt in person communication.