The internet is used as an everyday thing now. People log onto the internet without even thinking about it. I think it is crazy how like ten years ago we had cell phones that didn’t have apps and no one really used them for internet, it was rare. In ten or so years the game has completely changed. People use internet for work to log in as a time clock or to actually do their work on the internet. Today people have jobs that are solely internet based and they work from home. There are jobs that all you do is post ads to websites to promote something or someone. For me working using the internet consist of a couple things. I use the internet to do most of my homework. My internet society class makes me use the internet a lot. I spend hours on the internet just to get my homework done. I also use the internet for my business which is an internet based business. My business uses the internet to sell products and they are delivered straight to peoples doors after someone has bought off my website. I also use the internet to check what people have bought and see who has bought something, it gives me control to do so because it also lets me give people discounts on certain products. If you would like to check out my business the website is