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Privacy on the Internet

Privacy is a very big deal. Most people do not realize that many things they post on the internet should not be posted. While we do have privacy settings and a little bit of privacy from some people, there is one thing to think about and drill into your own mind. Anything on the internet can be exposed some way or another, in other words, privacy on the internet is limited and can be threatened. Anything posted on the internet can be brought up and seen by anyone even if your settings are on private. Another thing is anything you post on the internet can not be completely deleted in todays world. After you post something someone could have already screen shot it or at least seen what you have posted and that’s not even the worst part. Data is stored so even if you think you deleted something it is still somewhere out there. You may not be able to see it or find it but someone else might and the government can collect these files and use them against you in any way, shape, or form. In conclusion, be careful what you post and think to yourself about how much privacy do you want.


Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is a right we have had since the constitution was made. It is in the first amendment to the constitution under the bill of rights. Today we see this right in a whole new way. The internet has given anybody the power to write anything they would like to say. This could be very bad or a great way to express one’s self. Freedom of speech gives us the right to say anything we want right? Well yes, you can say anything you want but Freedom of speech in this era of time means something different. We do have the power to speak our mind but by putting out what we are thinking for the whole world to see it can be a bad thing and lead to terrible consequences. Just because we have the freedom of speech doesn’t mean we should post everything. Freedom of speech to stand up to or for something can be great and powerful. Freedom of speech and posting what you want to say, what you think, or what you do or are going to do can trace back to you and land you in a world full of trouble. So always think twice about what you write about and take a deeper look into what the right of freedom of speech means in this day and age.

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