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Internet communication tools

Many people are familiar with communication tools such as phones and social media. The internet provides many communication tools such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and skype. Facebook is one of the best in my opinion. I check Facebook everyday and get to see what my family and friends are up to and also get to contact them through Facebook whether it means commenting on something or even messaging them. I love skype as well because it lets people see each other over a video call using a computer or a phone that are connected to the internet. Skype is very useful and my nana actually uses it quite often to talk and see her brother who lives in a different country. Internet communication is always updating and finding new ways to reinvent communication. I was actually just watching a video about Facebook Spaces where they have a virtual world using virtual reality headsets and you can talk and hangout with people using virtual reality. I find this kind of cool but also kind of hurting the way people communicate because using this much communication over the internet can hurt people’s communication skills in person. The way the internet communication tools are updating other companies have to stay up to date with reinventing their own communication skills because websites and companies can fall off kind of like Myspace did. I used to use Myspace all the time when I was younger but now it is irrelevant. Internet communication has to keep up the competition between each other to stay relevant and while this is pretty awesome it can also hurt in person communication.


Evaluating the internet

The internet is a powerful tool used all across the world. It can be kind of scary because of how powerful it actually is but also quite cool and amazing. I can do so many things because of the internet including, work, school, and talk to family and friends that are all over the world and see how they are doing and what they are up to. The internet is also not always secure so you must watch what you say and put on there. If you don’t want something known or seen do not post it or even save it on the internet because it can be seen even if you think it is private. Like I said though, the internet can be amazing tool. One example is books. If you want or need to read a book, you can either order it off the internet or even download it to see it right then and there which means you don’t have to go all the way to a book store or a library. That also means a drop in sales for local businesses such as bookstores or whatever you can get locally but use the internet to get it instead. The internet is very powerful but sometimes it is better not to use it.

Working using the Internet

The internet is used as an everyday thing now. People log onto the internet without even thinking about it. I think it is crazy how like ten years ago we had cell phones that didn’t have apps and no one really used them for internet, it was rare. In ten or so years the game has completely changed. People use internet for work to log in as a time clock or to actually do their work on the internet. Today people have jobs that are solely internet based and they work from home. There are jobs that all you do is post ads to websites to promote something or someone. For me working using the internet consist of a couple things. I use the internet to do most of my homework. My internet society class makes me use the internet a lot. I spend hours on the internet just to get my homework done. I also use the internet for my business which is an internet based business. My business uses the internet to sell products and they are delivered straight to peoples doors after someone has bought off my website. I also use the internet to check what people have bought and see who has bought something, it gives me control to do so because it also lets me give people discounts on certain products. If you would like to check out my business the website is

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is growing throughout the world, not just America. A lot of crimes happen to Americans but from other countries around the world. If you never fall victim to a cyber crime or at least you haven’t yet, you may never think of this as being a real threat or a big deal. It is in fact both. Cyber crime is real and people are messed with everyday whether it be bullying, theft, impersonation, or even harassment. It is scary to think someone could take control of your accounts or computer but it can happen, that is why you should be very protective and secure about your information. The F.B.I has cracked down on many people who have used the internet to steal and scam people out of money. Another agency is Interpol. Interpol is an agency who gathers intelligence from a bigger aspect of things because they are transcontinental rather than just between the U.S borders. They have been known to link up with other agencies and help gather intelligence to catch these criminals that go beyond our U.S. borders. Cyber crime knows no borders whether that means virtual borders or actual borders between countries. Everyone be safe and protect yourself from cyber attacks.


Cyber crimes are a huge thing in this day and age we live in. The world revolves around the internet now. An example being that I take some of my college classes online. Twenty years ago no one would have understood classes online, it was unheard of. Now with a technological era in play we revolve our life around the internet with internet banking and shopping. These two things alone make it very easy to get burglarized without even knowing it right away. Phishing is one trick on how these thieves are stealing from you. They may send you an email that looks legit enough that you would fall for the scheme that it traps you into doing. They use things such as your banking or where you shop and fake emails or websites that look real enough to make you think it is the real website or an email from the real bank or online shopping center you buy from. They then trap you into clicking into a link that they can get your personal info from. They can hack your computer by doing this or even have you be so negligible to type in your credit card or even your social security number. Always be careful on what you are doing online.

Fair Use

Intellectual property is something that has been a big issue in today’s world. It has been a topic in the making of movies and a big topic in law. Movies have been accused of stealing someone else’s intellectual property before by not asking for permission or not being granted permission of someone’s work in which they have used anyways. If someone was to use something that was granted as public domain then it is alright because public domain is for anyone. Public domain only works if the owner of the property grants it as public domain though. Just because something is on the internet does not make it public domain. That is a common misconception that many people fall victim too and get caught with copyrighting. Another misconception is believing that if you give credit than it is not stealing someone’s work and in that they believe that they do not need permission. That is also false. When you use someone else’s work, picture, or really anything of theirs, you need their permission unless they had already granted it as public domain. Even when they give you permission you still should give them credit as it is their work and not your very own.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is very important. It shows ownership over something and who deserves what. Intellectual property helps from others work from being stolen or used without permission or compensation. I found Google’s trademarks keyword case very interesting. I believe that google should not have the right to use keywords of trademarks to pull up other company’s results. Even though it is legal I feel as if it wrong and not fair for the trademark that it is using. On another note I feel as if it also a good thing because it helps googles search engine expand. Without the results popping up multiple things, google would not be used as much because it would only lead to about one or two results. Intellectual property in other things such as music being used in videos and movies are a completely different topic though. Singers and song writers who are making songs get compensated when there music is sold through iTunes, on cd’s, or used in movies that pay to get the music used in the certain movie or video. People have been using music without compensating the artist and or song writer which hurts the artist and could eventually lead to the singer/song writer losing so much money where they wont be able to make the music we all enjoy anymore. Intellectual property is a great thing we get to claim.


Anonymity means someone or something is anonymous. People all over the world want to be anonymous when writing on the internet. There are many reasons people to decide to hide who they are. Being anonymous on the internet has been a key role for people who are hiding behind politics. As people hide anonymously for political reasons they also do it for criminal reasons as well. Many criminals hide behind the internet especially ones who use the internet to hack people. These hackers range from hacking into bank accounts and social media accounts to either acquire money or information on someone or something. These hackers hide anonymously throughout the internet world. Not only hackers hide behind the internet though. Online predators tend to hide anonymously and pretend to be someone their not. There has been many cases of online predators pretending to be children and that is a scary thought as they could come in contact with a child you know. Being anonymous online is not always bad as you can use it to state your opinion without being backlashed at, but there are many ways that anonymity is used for criminal activities and to realize that is a scary feeling.


Censorship is the prohibition of something that someone thinks you should not hear, see, read, or observe. In a way censorship can be good but only in a way that children are not exposed to things or shows that could harm their growing minds or their mental attitude. Some things can really damage children if they are exposed to it at a young enough age. I also agree that censoring people being murdered is a good thing to do because if someone saw that visual it may haunt them for the rest of their life. So censorship is not always bad but it is not always a good thing either. People deserve to know the truth and not be lied to by their own government. A government is supposed to represent the people of their country as a whole, but how are you supposed to represent people that you have been blinding for their entire life? Things such as news should not be censored, the news gives out important information and censoring it just gives everyone that hears or sees it false facts. I believe we need to stop censoring things to try and “control order” and let the people hear the real facts and the real truth about everything. Leave censoring for the kids whose young minds would be traumatized by things such as this but do not censor the people who work and pay bills, they deserve to know everything.

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